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handling critical business processes like passenger check-in or covid testing with adequate care?


problem solving in any context, at any level, ship crew to business management to the CTO?


transforming manual tasks and legacy workflows into effective digital solutions?


dealing with intermittent connectivity in maritime and other distributed environments?


desktop, mobile, web, cloud, custom hardware and machine learning?


worldwide deployments and maritime conditions?


providing industry leading 24/7 support which solves 90% of issues within 1 hour?


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Solution discovery

Let us uncover the solutions you truly need

Solving problems with software often requires going beyond an initial specification

In complex environments like maritime, without taking a deep dive into project realities solution value may easily remain uncovered.

We approach our projects with a consultant mindset and strive to immerse ourselves in the context from the get-go.

We keep our eyes open for the best ways to address the needs surrounding the project and apply an agile approach.throughout development and delivery.

If there is a better way to solve your problem, you’ll hear about it from us first.

End-to-end development

Everything you need for reliable innovation

  • mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • web apps, desktop software, backend components
  • cloud and on-premise solutions
  • SQL and noSQL databases
  • machine learning based solutions
  • off-the-shelf and custom hardware

Our core development experience comes from building complete solutions for demanding environments. We focus on using reliable technology, but don’t shy away from innovative technology that brings clear benefits to our clients and projects.

Anything you need, don’t hesitate to ask.

Worldwide deployments

For great solutions, you want us on board!

On-site delivery is at the core of the way we work. Our teams have travelled to multiple continents and rolled out our maritime software to entire fleets of cruise ships, en route and in dry docks.

Deployments allow us to observe our solutions in use, under ever-changing maritime circumstances. This helps us proactively finetune our software and address real-world issues as they emerge.

We also train crews to become power users capable of solving common issues on their own.

Premium 24/7 support

Our support is up to any challenge. Our clients love it!

We fully understand that for our clients to entrust critical business processes to our software, we must provide dependable support.

We are experienced in supporting round-the-clock operations which run across time zones.

Our support is available 24/7 and capable of resolving 90% of issues within 1 hour. This is possible, because at Codefit solutions are supported by the engineers who create them.

To achieve industry leading reliability of our solutions, we also proactively improve our software through remote diagnostics and updates.

We work with the followingtechnology

Microsoft Partner

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EasyQ: speed up check-in with an app

Smooth check-in is key to a great passenger experience.

Having solved this challenge for our clients, we now offer EasyQ as a turn-key solution.

  • all check-in steps covered by one powerful Android app
  • enables social distancing through mobile registration anywhere at the terminal
  • error-free data entry using built-in document and barcode scanning
  • ahead-of-time registration during passenger transfers with offline and sync
  • quick terminal set-up with much less hardware
  • integrates with Fidelio and Otalio PMS, ready for others

cFace - well recognized

Face recognition enables many of our innovative digital transformation projects.

We used to integrate third-party off-the-shelf face recognition engines, but they were heavy for our use cases and our clients’ needs.

We built cFace as a tighter and lighter alternative, which we now make available to you.


cFace supports:

  • competitive identification accuracy achieved using deep neural networks
  • Simple API, designed for mobile applications
  • static photos and video stream handling

What ourclientssay about us

We have been collaborating and carrying out multiple projects together with Codefit since 2015. Jointly we create, take forward and successfully implement on-board systems.

Thanks to flexibility and innovative approach of Codefit's experienced team, all business objectives are met on time and in a satisfying way. Their continuous support is outstanding in the cruise industry.

Christian Ganzen
IT Manager Onboard
We are working together with codefit for one year now and I am still impressed.
The guys don’t see problems – they just solve them. The combination of innovative ideas and the enthusiasm to put them into practice will help them to grow in the IT market.
Christian Lanz
Working with the guys from codefit is always a pleasure. They develop very reliable and convenient systems that are easy to use and maintain.
What we really admire is their dedication and commitment with their service. Their after sales support is really outstanding, they’re always available whenever we encounter some problems and they’re really fast when it comes to finding solutions.
I would definitely recommend them. A great company like codefit is really hard to find.
Jerome Ramirez
Senior IT Technician

Oursuccess stories


Checkmate, coronavirus

In the days of the pandemic we focused on solving a non-maritime challenge: to help Centogene laboratories handle the massive volume of Covid tests required for the rollout of pervasive passenger testing at German airports.

Our Laboratory Information Management System streamlines the entire testing workflow. We handle the prioritization and end-to-end tracking of collected samples as well as the preparation, running and validation of qPCR test batches. Testing errors are kept at minimum through hardware automation and visual guidance for lab technicians. 

  • All tests tracked
  • Errors minimized
  • Faster results

The best way to get cruise photos

Cruise photos greatly capture passengers’ memories, but making each passengers’ photos available for purchase among thousands of similar ones, in a way that is both convenient and eco-friendly, turns out to be quite problematic.

Photo kiosk

Together with our cruise line client we solved this challenge using dedicated kiosks which automate photo search through face recognition. Passengers get to see their photos instantly and can order them right at the kiosk. Automated printing then ensures that each order gets filled behind the scenes within minutes.

  • Passenger satisfaction up
  • Crew time saved
  • No wasted prints
Passenger check-in

Embarkation headaches - solved

Every passenger getting on board a cruise ship must go through the check-in procedure. As identities get confirmed, documents checked, reference photos taken and board cards issued, the queues become long and frustrating.

We’ve radically streamlined this process with a dedicated smartphone application. It allows the crew to easily identify passengers and perform all necessary embarkation steps anywhere at the terminal, or even during transfers. Processing speed and data entry error rates vastly improved and the embarkation setup has never been easier for the crews.

  • Passengers don’t wait
  • Crews work efficiently

codefit sp. z. o.o. is proud to collaborate within the Release 42 group,
where we join forces with GECKO mbH, Boreus GmbH and reventure GmbH.

Together, we form a diverse team of 200 IT experts who can take on the most
challenging projects and deliver them to the highest standards.

Expert provider of man­aged hybrid cloud solu­tions dedi­cated for busi­ness and indus­try. Certi­fied AWS reseller and Micro­soft Azure partner.
Soft­ware devel­op­ers with world­wide reach. Special­ists in end-to-end digi­tal trans­for­ma­tion of non-trivial busi­ness pro­cesses in mar­itime and beyond.
Busi­ness and enter­prise-grade solu­tion providers. 30 years of expe­ri­ence in bespoke soft­ware, ERP systems, IT ser­vices and opti­miza­tion.
Creators of effec­tive IT plat­forms for e-com­merce and busi­ness. Gurus of reli­a­bil­ity, per­for­mance, process moni­tor­ing and real-time ana­lytics.

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